Entering the industry as a piercer in 1999, after piercing for five years, I began the ever evolving process of learning the art and discipline of tattooing. Having an upbringing surrounded by art made it a natural choice. My grandmother and aunt are gallery artists and craftsmen; my mother is a superior fabric crafter and former circus performer, and my father is professional photographer.  After several years I became a shop owner myself and enjoyed having a busy studio for 5 years. Wanting to travel and adventure to improve my art and skills, I closed my studio in 2010. I now tattoo with my friends and peers in Northern California, all over America, Montreal, Quebec, and beyond.

Be sure to include a short but detailed description of what you'd like, the size, where you'd like to put it on your body, and your preferred time frame.

Please allow 5-7 business days for me to get back to you 

Thanks!  :)